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Past Winners

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Where We Started

In 2020 The Taste of Texas Hemp Cup was founded by friends and hemp lovers who wanted to celebrate Texas’ hemp farmers first legal hemp harvest in 80 years as well as introduce the texas consumer to this new world of health and wellness through Texas hemp and hemp byproducts.

With generous support from Texas & national brands, each year the Taste of Texas Hemp Cup only gets bigger and better!

Scoring Criteria

Scores are tabulated using a standard judging rubric created by the Trichome Institute for the Taste of Texas Hemp Cup.
Official Judging Partner scores account for 75% of the overall results *except for the People’s Choice Award
People’s Choice & Expert Judges scores’ account for 25% of the overall results and 100% of the results for “People’s Choice” winner
Lab results determine the winner of highest CBD & Highest CBG categories

2022 Winners

2021 Winners

2020 Winners

History of the Taste of Texas Hemp Cup

taste of texas hemp cup vendor

The History of the Taste of Texas Hemp Cup “Trayphy”

The Taste of Texas Hemp Cup trophy is as unique as the event itself. Born out of passion for smoking hemp and the desire to make the award as functional as it is fabulous, this special award was created to honor the state’s finest hemp farmers. Recognizing that an ordinary trophy wouldn’t suffice for such a prestigious honor, the founders designed something extraordinary – the world’s first Trayphy!

The Trayphy is a custom-designed plaque that doubles as a rolling tray, hand-carved from Texas wood by local millners in the heart of Central Texas. Winners of the Taste of Texas Hemp Cup proudly display their Trayphies at their farms, farmers markets, conferences, and conventions, showcasing their status as award-winning Texas hemp farmers.

taste of texas hemp cup vendor

Origins and Inception

The Taste of Texas Hemp Cup was born out of a passion for celebrating the exceptional cannabis cultivated in the Lone Star State. Founded by a group of ardent Hemp supporters and consumers in 2020, this annual event was created to bring together the best hemp farmers, brands, and enthusiasts from across Texas. The vision was to highlight the state’s burgeoning hemp industry, promote innovation, and foster a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing the benefits of hemp.

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2020: The First Taste

The inaugural Taste of Texas Hemp Cup took place in December 2020 at Lala Ranch in Wimberley, Texas, amidst a challenging year marked by the global pandemic. As the first official hemp harvest year for our farmers, we would not miss the opportunity to honor these brave Texas trailblazers! Despite the hurdles, the event saw an enthusiastic turnout and a remarkable display of hemp products by farmers and Texas hemp vendors. Held at a unique outdoor venue, the first Hemp Cup featured a diverse range of categories specific to cannabis flower, including:

  • Most Pungent
  • Most Ripe
  • Highest CBD
  • Highest CBG
  • Best Smoke (People’s Choice)
  • Top Indoor
  • Top Outdoor
  • Best Presentation
  • Top Hemp Flower in Texas

The winning Cup was blown live on site by Austin’s own Jay Massey. Headlined by psychedelic rock ensemble Golden Dawn Arkestra, the event was a resounding success, setting the stage for future iterations and establishing the Cup as a premier event in the hemp industry, both in Texas and nationally.

taste of texas hemp cup vendor

2021 & 2022: Growth & Expansion

In the following years, the Taste of Texas Hemp Cup continued to grow in size and scope. Each year saw an increase in participation from hemp farmers and brands, both locally and nationally. The event expanded its programming to include educational panels, networking opportunities, and, of course, music! The Taste of Texas Hemp Cup had firmly established itself as a cornerstone of the Texas hemp community. The event featured enhanced judging processes with experts from across the country and global icons of cannabis giving support and love to Texas farmers. Notable past guests and speakers include:

  • Dan Herer
  • Professor Russell Jessup, Head of Texas A&M
  • Agrilife Hemp Program
  • Joy Beckerman
  • Sue Carolton
  • Kym Byrnes (Kim B)
  • Miranda Macy
  • Amos Lozano

The winning Cup was blown on site in 2021 by Bob Snodgrass acolyte William “Boxfan” Menzies and in 2022 by world-renowned glass artist SALT Glass. Headlining acts in 2021 were New Constellations and White Denim, and in 2022 we welcomed Blackillac.

2023: Recalibration

The Taste of Texas Hemp Cup team took 2023 to recalibrate. The team shifted and began planning for the 4th annual event.

taste of texas hemp cup vendor

2024: A Landmark Year

The 4th Annual Taste of Texas Hemp Cup, scheduled for October 18-19, 2024, promises to be the most exciting and comprehensive event yet. The event is expanding its programming to include more educational panels, networking opportunities, and a wider array of competitions. Notably, the introduction of the Terpene Ball will add a festive and interactive element to the Cup, where attendees can enjoy live music, dance, and celebrate the crowning of the Texas Terpene King and Queen.

Hosted once again at The Far Out Lounge in Austin, Texas, the Cup will feature multiple activation zones, a dynamic lineup of live entertainment, and expanded competitions. This year’s event will kick off with the Live Concentrates Judging and Terpene Ball on the first day, followed by the Flower Competition on the second day. Attendees can look forward to networking opportunities, educational panels, and an unparalleled celebration of Texas hemp.

The event will feature enhanced judging processes with experts from across the country, a new national lab partner, live-streaming of key segments, and increased engagement from industry leaders and sponsors. The addition of zones such as the Flower Zone, Glass Zone, Edibles Zone, and the “Dabs for the People” Tent will create a rich and immersive experience for attendees. The 2024 event will also see the introduction of a dedicated Grower’s Zone, fostering deeper connections among the state’s top cultivators and brands that will support their excellence.

taste of texas hemp cup vendor

Looking Ahead

As the Taste of Texas Hemp Cup continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to its founding principles of community, innovation, and celebration. The event serves as a testament to the incredible talent and hard work of Texas hemp farmers and brands, shining a spotlight on the state’s contributions to the national hemp industry. With each passing year, the Cup aims to elevate the standards of excellence and foster a vibrant, inclusive community that celebrates the myriad benefits and superiority of Texas hemp.